Team Tracking

Team Tracking LogicalTracks

Alternatively, LogicalTracks app can be used for employees’ management, to improve the work times of field employees and to monitor employees that are sent to remote locations.

Our app can notify you in case an employee has entered an unauthorized area, or has not left a predefined parameter in a prescheduled time. This allows the manager to both protect the employees as well as supervise their work times and the service given to customers.

Web & Smartphone

Web Smartphone LogicalTracks

LogicalTracks offers a wide range of vehicle tracking products and services suited to personal vehicle owner. We have been providing smarter tracking solutions and safety to personal and family. we made way for a wide range of possibilities in the field of car safety and tracking after years of R&D in the Indian market. Check current location, speed and if your vehicle is parked or moving through web browser as well as smart phone.

A single web-based platform for all your workforce management needs. Better visibility helps you provide more accurate delivery times, and demonstrable proof of delivery that will delight your client visit and increase loyalty.

Real Time View

Real Time View LogicalTracks

Forgot where you parked your car? Looking to find the current location of the vehicle? Our real time view feature gives you detailed street and map data of the current vehicle Location. You can know the exact location of your vehicle with our real-time GPS tracker. Track Your family or kid’s exact location during their movement of the vehicle. Our real time system is updating in 10 second frequency.


Geo Fence LogicalTracks

Get powerful insights with Geofence Analytics: know how much time you spent at client location. How much you drove to get there. Set geo-fences for your vehicle and our tracker will push you alert messages as soon as there is a breach.

Route Creation

Route Creation LogicalTracks

Our advanced routing and scheduling optimization capabilities, lets you see where your vehicles are on the road and how the day’s plan is progressing at any given time.

Route creation can alert you to that you are running late or early so that you can make timely alternative arrangements, such as diverting another nearby vehicle to make a scheduled visit. This custom route creation will push you alert messages as soon as you are out of your route.

History View

History View LogicalTracks

Monitor your fleet from anywhere with an Internet connection. Among LogicalTracks’s features is the animated map replay option that allows you to retrace a vehicle’s route on a map screen for a chosen date and time.

  • Entire vehicle history is available base on monthly weekly and daily.
  • Select any of your vehicles to view its historical locations.
  • View the historical locations by any date range.
  • Display on the map the exact routes that your vehicles took on a specific date.
  • Access all this information through your mobile devices.
  • Display layers of landmarks, geofences, and more, over the traced route.
  • Map Replay.

Alerts & Notification

Alerts Notification LogicalTracks

The LogicalTracks alerts feature to make you aware of exceptions — in real time. Receive alerts when speed is exceeded by a set amount, when there is no activity for a set time, when vehicles arrive and depart certain points and more. On web and your smartphone, you can track your fleet wherever you are. If your vehicles cross state lines or engage in long-haul travel, LogicalTracks can also help you ensure that your drivers meet state and national road time regulations.


LogicalTracks application offers detailed reporting that contributes significantly to improved business operations. Our advanced reporting tools that allow you to monitor your vehicles’ activity and trends, keeping track of employees and company assets 24/7 wherever you go.

  • LogicalTracks application provide reports that give you a full overview of all activity for each vehicle.
  • With LogicalTracks point activity report, you can track the amount of time spent at each location — and help minimize employee idle time.
  • View the historical locations by any date range.
  • LogicalTracks report feature gives you detailed data that includes address, latitude/longitude, speed and direction heading.
  • LogicalTracks report/export feature allows you to download reports in a variety of formats, including popular Excel and Adobe PDF format.
  • Display layers of landmarks, geofences, and more, over the traced route.
Reports LogicalTracks
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